How to Catch a Bus

1 Check the destination when the bus arrives.

・You can find the destination on the front and side of the bus.

2 Get on your bus.

・You get on the bus through the rear door (Entry) of the bus.
・ You pay your fare when you get off.

Note 1: You do not need to take a boarding ticket or touch on your IC card when you get on.
Note 2: Some buses have only one door. You must wait for passengers to get off before you get on the bus.

3 Press the stop button when you want to get off the bus.

・Press the stop button when the bus is approaching your stop.
Note: The name of the next bus stop is announced on the PA system and is shown on the bus stop display screen.

4 Put your fare into the farebox.
・All fares are a flat rate of 210 yen (Child: 110 yen).
・The farebox gives change, so you do not need to get the exact change before paying.
・If you are paying with a magnetic card, insert your card into the card reader. If you are paying with IC card, touch your card to the IC card reader.
・Accepted IC cards include PiTaPa, ICOCA, and other IC cards that can be used interchangeably throughout Japan.

Note: If accompanied by an adult or child, the first two toddlers (pre-school children aged 1 year or over) travel free, but from the third toddler, the child fare must be paid.
For other details about fares, including transfer discounts, please ask the bus driver.

5 Get off the bus.

・Get off the bus through the front door (Exit) of the bus. Mind any steps, and be sure to take all your belongings with you.

Thank you for using Osaka Metro.

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